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Sparkulars Safety Information

Learn more about cold fireworks

How does it work?

Your safety and that of your audience will always be our first priority. The Sparkulars machine does not overheat and the sparks produced do not catch fire. Its fountain system allows for the safe creation of sparks effects by emission of cold sparks. Unlike fireworks/gunpowder, the cold spark machine  does not make noise when in use, has a cold touch, is recyclable and safe to use in indoor and outdoor venues.

A compound of titanium and zirconium granules are used to produce the firework effect without the use of explosives (e.g. gunpowder or other combustible elements). The trained operator is in control of the duration and height of the effect at all times. 

Why choose Sparkulars?

Here are some benefits of Sparkulars:

  • Non-pyrotechnic fountain display (no fire!)

  • No explosive content

  • No loud bangs or noises 

  • Operator can independently control duration and height

  • No hazardous materials

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Does NOT emit an odor

  • Indoor/outdoor use

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